Oasis v1.5

From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 09/25/97

No this isn't another 'featureful' thing...(if there are no bugs reported
for another week I'll release it for real though).

Wanted feedback on whether the modification for a 4 argument give command
should go into the Oasis pack (or even stock code).  If you don't remember
Siv's original post about it, go check the archives.  Basically it lets you
specify what you want to give, to whom, in what room, and how many (instead
of one give line for every one you want to give). It's great for
shopkeepers with limited items that should be in fairly good numbers. (Or
if you want to have shopkeepers actually make stuff every tick instead of
always having unlimited, hm, that's an idea...)

Another idea was a 'CircleMUD' format world file which is much more concise
(and backward compatible a la the shop files).  Have to decide upon what
format that is but would allow much more expansion than the current Diku
one where to tack on an integer wherever you want.  It'd be interesting to
specify things such as:

WearPos: head,neck,arms,legs

And then be free to change the constants without renumbering everything.
Although it would be slower (strings vs numbers), you'd have the
flexibility to change things.

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