Re: [ Idea, Problem? ] Mobprogs and Variables...

From: Justin (c616077@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU)
Date: 09/25/97

And do what then?  Have the mob react differently according to the value
you stored, gold in your example?  I haven't done that, but I was going to
try (much later, might I add) on making multi-variable dependant mobprogs.
Especially for mobs that are more likely than others to be fighting
parties; the values would be such things as which opponent has the most
hitpoints, which hit last, which hit for most damage, what the classes
are, and use those to "decide" which enemy to hit.  Also, with spells and
skills, using values such as manapool and hitpoints, "decide" how often
and which spells/skills to use, or when to run.

If that's not the type of thing you're thinking about, I really don't
understand what you are talking about. :)


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