Re: larger than 32 bit ints and OS's

From: Rob Baumstark (shirak@CONNECT.AB.CA)
Date: 09/25/97

There is probably a similar thing in linux, and all those other operating
systems you people use.  If your using Windows though with the MSVC++
compiler there is a 64bit integer variable..., __int64.  It might be a good
addition to Circle BPL12 to have the Win version use them instead.  Fer you
windows people..., a few data types you might not be aware of...
__int8          I think the 8 bit int exists..., same as a byte, or char
__int16         On linux, should be the same as an int, a short int on windows
__int32         A long int in linux, an int in windows
__int64         Like above, a 64bit int
All these data types are classes Microsoft specific in the help files, so
you need their compiler to use them.
Remember that changing all your bitvectors to __int64's will corrupt the
playerfile, rentfiles, and any other binary files.
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