Re: Realism (was Re: Maximum weight)

From: Co-Sysop (dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM)
Date: 09/26/97

At 01:54 PM 9/25/97 -0500, Cris Jacobin wrote:
>        A DikuMud is a game, not a simulation.  Some people just don't
>seem to understand that.  Lean too far toward the 'realism' side of the
>equation, and it's less of a game.  (ie. less fun)

I tend to agree.  How many games are there out there where you go to work,
type stuff, maybe use a fax machine, all in your never ending struggle to
not develope an ulser.  I can't think of very many like that.  Now take a
look at the games where you don't do anything you would normally do in real
life...  MUDs alone would be more than I would ever want to count.  Life is
boring most of the time.  That's why there are games.  We need something to
take us away from the monotany of reality and into a word where we have to
use everything we've got just to stay alive.  And it's all for fun.

I don't know what that guy's problem was (i'm sure you remember him.  he
made the colorful comment about have 60 hands (and other things)).  I hope
he was just angry for some reason and had to blow off steam.  I would hate
to think there is someone who is like that NORMALLY!

and of course, the moment you've all been waiting for:
the one, the only,


I posted a while back a message about how I added a wizard class and all
wizards would show up as warriors (because of the 'w') in the who list and
users list.  Someone told me to just send an 'i' through so it would find
wizard in find_class_bitvector and after messing with the code a bit, and
also doing an
        sprintf(different string variables so it would display Wi instead of Wa)
        sprintf(normal sprintf)
in do_who but so far I haven't gotten it to work at all.  Some things gave
me errors, and others acted like I didn't even edit the code at all (I did
compile and copy the exe).  I have come to the inescapable conclusion that I
have no idea how to do this.  For now I replaced the wizard class with
sorceror and all is well but the same problem will most likely pop up again
when I finish added the rest of the classes.
So if anyone can give me some insight on what I'm doing wrong or just about
anything that will maybe point me in the right direction.  Pretend I have
stock circle because I really haven't changed the do_who or do_users code in
any drastic way yet.
and I am using win95 in case that makes a difference.

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