Re: [REALLY Newbie] Thac0 and saving throws

From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@NETREACH.NET)
Date: 09/27/97

>        Actually, neither of these is done well at all. How many of you
>actually adjusted each when you made your MUD level 50 or 100? I have
>noticed no one does it. The Thac0 system in Stock circle is made for 30
>Levels. You hit 0 Thac0 at about level 20 (I could be off, but its around
>that). That means that you are as attuned a fighter as you can be without
>magical asistance at level 20. Doesn't make to much sense.
>        As for Saving Throws. These are even worse. Thac0 is at least
>manageable if you spread out the scores when you increase the levels in
>your MUD, but Saving Throws are horrid right in the beginning. You really
>should not be able to have a - saving throw, however, since the game
>allows it, I guess you have to work with it. It is so ridiculously easy to
>get all your saving throws to 0 before you reach level 10. This absolutely
>should not be. At that rate, you are almost guaranteed of making any
>saving throw. It seems making them are a given, which it shouldn't.
>        I think as a whole, Saving Throws need to be completely redone.
>                                                #include <Ryan.G>

        I know what you mean.  As well if you look you will notice that
the cleric actually has a -better hit table than a thief-.  As for the bottom
of the curve dropping off at level 20, original diku was made for 21 mortal
levels.  I guess these tables were never more than just quickly hacked for
30 levels.

        At this point, even working it out with a DM's guide next to me
would cause some problems.  I've just implemented multiclass, which means
quite a few to-hit tables added.  The thought of editing them all makes
be cringe.

-Jac 'Heh maybe the best solution would be to go back to 21 levels'

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