Re: [REALLY Newbie] Thac0 and saving throws

From: Stephen Arnold (dalamar@CYBERCOM.NET)
Date: 09/27/97

On Fri, 26 Sep 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> -+These are REAL newbie questions so I'll keep this short.
> -+#1) I understood thac0 as a player, but i never noticed this ...
> -+        your thaco goes towards zero as you level? <got this from class.c>
> Of course, the lower the thac0 (to hit armor class 0) the better
> you are.

> -+#2) are saving throws just the spell version of thac0?
> Essentially, although they're not really used or implemented
> well in stock code.  Well, they are used, just not a lot and up to
> their full potential.
        Actually, neither of these is done well at all. How many of you
actually adjusted each when you made your MUD level 50 or 100? I have
noticed no one does it. The Thac0 system in Stock circle is made for 30
Levels. You hit 0 Thac0 at about level 20 (I could be off, but its around
that). That means that you are as attuned a fighter as you can be without
magical asistance at level 20. Doesn't make to much sense.
        As for Saving Throws. These are even worse. Thac0 is at least
manageable if you spread out the scores when you increase the levels in
your MUD, but Saving Throws are horrid right in the beginning. You really
should not be able to have a - saving throw, however, since the game
allows it, I guess you have to work with it. It is so ridiculously easy to
get all your saving throws to 0 before you reach level 10. This absolutely
should not be. At that rate, you are almost guaranteed of making any
saving throw. It seems making them are a given, which it shouldn't.
        I think as a whole, Saving Throws need to be completely redone.
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