Re: An uncommon problem...

From: Hans H. Hjort (hjort@S-96-226.RESNET.OHIO-STATE.EDU)
Date: 09/28/97

On Sat, 27 Sep 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:

> That's a new one.  Personally, I don't actually scramble text for
> languages, I just indicate that they couldn't figure out what was
> said; and this circumvents the problem.  I myself figure that they
> either figure out what was said, or they don't.  If they understand
> enough of the words, then they can probably derive a meaning from
> it.  If they don't, then there's no point in showing them scrambled
> text; unless you want the actual player (not the player character)
> to be able to decipher the language (and then that makes skills and
> spells to that affect worthless).

        I can see one advantage to the language scrambling system,
that is the case where the character can make out some of the words.
The player can then try to make sense of the scrambled words and
won't know if he got the whole message right.  When you don't know
a language well, you don't always know that you either understood
the message 100%, or have no clue.  But then again, that extra element
probably isn't that important on most muds.


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