An uncommon problem...

From: Shadowdancer (sg618lo@UNIDUI.UNI-DUISBURG.DE)
Date: 09/27/97


  Some days ago, we had an upset player, who complained about a feature that
we have implemented. To 'simulate' a player's drunkness-level he does silly
stuff, and his language becomes scrambled. Now, the player that complained
is an autist (I'm no psychology expert, but the movie "Rainman" should give
a good idea). Everytime drunkscrambling appeared, the player tried to figure
out it's meaning, but couldn't. The player got a severe headache, and
thoughts were circling around the words that couldn't be deceiphered.

  Our coders solved the problem by implementing a new affection CLEAR_TONGUES
and an appropriate spell.

  What I wanted to point out is, that you have some kind of
language scrambling in your code, may it be to simulate drunkness, or various
races, please always leave a 'backdoor' for clear understanding of the
language, because such players shouldn't be left out from our Mudding



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