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From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 09/29/97

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Whitey wrote:

-+ Actually, that IS how it works in real life.  Hang around alanguage long
-+enough, and you'll pick up the words and phrases most commonly used.
-+Probably wouldn't be able to write any of them down correctly, and you'd
-+prolly have a thick accent, but you could learn that way.

No, you misunderstood.  I never said you don't pick up a real
language by hanging around it.  I said that you don't have
some higher voice (ie., the player) interpreting the language
for you.  It's supposed to be what your character knows, not
what you know.  And unless you have voices in your head that
speak french, the only way you'll pick it up is by being around
it yourself or learning it from some other person, not from
some invisible force outside of the world interpreting the

-+ Well, that's a subtle point.  I've met very few mudders who are willing,
-+or even capable of completely seperating their personal knowledge from
-+their character's knowledge.

Not entirely seperate themselves from personal knowledge.  I
never suggested that, you took it to a level beyond what I
said.  In fact, I never suggested a player seperate himself
from personal knowledge; I suggested you, as the IMP, don't
let them use that personal knowledge to influence the game.
The idea is for the *character* to take part in the game, not
the player.  That's the idea behind role-playing, and that's
the original idea behind DIKUMUDs.

-+ I think the current way of mixing up the letters to make a language
-+unintelligible is good.  This way, if a player wants to learn a new
-+language, and doesn't want to spend the money (or pracs), he can have
-+another player teach the most common words by switching between 'English'
-+and 'Dwarf' then saying the same word out loud.  That's the way people
-+learn in real life.

And that's fine for how the *character* will learn.  It's not fine
to have the player find a loophole and defeat the system.  Only two
people that have replied so far have even bothered to read and
understand my point, one disagreed, the other agreed.  I can't
imagine why it is so difficult for some of you to make the
distinction between player and player character.  The player is
in our reality; the player character is within the game reality.

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