Clan Stuff.

From: Jason Stevens (spiritw@JUNO.COM)
Date: 09/29/97

Im using the clan code that does a full page editor (online). I cant
remember who wrote it off hand. But heres what i want to do. It allows
clan ranks, and a clan bank account that gives the clan its own ammount
of $$. I want to have more ranks and let the characters choose if they
want to give exp to their clan ranks or not. I want them to be able to
say: I want 10% of my earned exp to goto my Clan rank. They would earn
clan lvls as it were and normal lvls off the same exp. And i also want to
limit certain spells to certain clans. I.e. You are a Theif (the class
you picked to start with). But you only have a few NORMAL skills such as:
dagger, mount, etc.. but you wouldnt get Steal, or pickpocket unless you
joined the Thieves guild. You could have a Thief/Mage. If your thief
joined the Mage guild. but you wouldnt have all the Actual thief skills
so he would be a mage with a few odd skills.. Any help on this one would
be appreciated.


P.S. To those who replied on my earlier problem with the Guild code
thanks but i decided im not going to impliment it just yet. :)

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