Re: [CODE] [!HYMEN] Npc 'brag' function

From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@NETREACH.NET)
Date: 09/29/97

>-+   sprintf(brag, "$n brags, 'I think %s wears pink chainmail.  Fights like
>-+a girl!  Muhaha!'", GET_NAME(vict));
>Hm, a very historically accurate medieval taunt.  Now, here's the
>problem I see.  It wasn't checked if the mobile could see the victim,
>so it's, "Jupiter brags, 'I think Nether wears pink chainmail....'"
>even if he doesn't know that I'm Nether...

        Well I thought about this somewhat, and decided to leave it out
since it's more of an informative function.  I could have simply exited,
or gossip'd something about killing someone, now where's that torch...I'll
proabably keep it this way however.

>-+     if (COLOR_LEV(i->character) >= C_NRM);
>Also, this semi-colon probably shouldn't be here.  We don't want
>everyone getting the color code to turn things red...

        Aha!  I was just in the middle of trying to figure out why the
status bar shows up red after a brag.  Looks like here was the answer.
Thanks much, Dan.

        Also, you'll have to have a default: exit from the function
if you increase the switch above 0-11, to make it every so often.


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