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From: Aaron Miller (Tarus50@CONCENTRIC.NET)
Date: 09/29/97

> On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:
> > On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Cris Jacobin wrote:
> >
> > -+        Well as far as players eventually catching onto a particular
> > -+language, isn't this the way it works in the real world?  Seems for most
> > -+non-oriental languages at least, hang around long enough and you start to
> > -+pick up a word here and there.
> >
> > No, that isn't how it works in real life.
>  Actually, that IS how it works in real life.  Hang around alanguage long
> enough, and you'll pick up the words and phrases most commonly used.
> Probably wouldn't be able to write any of them down correctly, and you'd
> prolly have a thick accent, but you could learn that way.
I agree. That is how one learns to talk; listening to their parents.
> > The problem I'm having
> > is that the player *character* is supposed to interact with the
> > world, not the player himself.  In real life, you're the character,
> > figuring out things for yourself, without any higher intelligence
> > defeating the language scrambling code and making you act on that.
>  Well, that's a subtle point.  I've met very few mudders who are willing,
> or even capable of completely seperating their personal knowledge from
> their character's knowledge.
Some try, some don't, but MUDs will never be exactly like real life.
>  I think the current way of mixing up the letters to make a language
> unintelligible is good.  This way, if a player wants to learn a new
> language, and doesn't want to spend the money (or pracs), he can have
> another player teach the most common words by switching between 'English'
> and 'Dwarf' then saying the same word out loud.  That's the way people
> learn in real life.
I like that, but I would suggest having different scrambling code for
different languages. You or I could most likely recognize another
language, even though we do not speak it. Even without the accent, I think
I could tell if a word was spanish or french, to a small extent. Try to
let your players PCs do this to.
> Whitey
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