[CODE] Adding AFK Flag..

From: Aaron Miller (Tarus50@CONCENTRIC.NET)
Date: 09/29/97

I've been messing with a small AFK snippet I found on a Circle site awhile
ago, and I have it working fine, with a couple of my "modifications" <g>.
Anyways, I don't want people running around with AFK flags on, so I went
into interpreter.c and tried to find where I could add in a REMOVE_BIT for
the AFK flag, so that when they did something it would go off. I could not
find this spot, I tried where the AFF_HIDE bit was removed, but that
caused me to get a "You are no longer AFK." message each time I typed
something. So I added an if check, making it look like this:


but it still did the same thing. I tried adding the same thing after all
of the POS_ checks and the like, and it still didn't like it. Can someone
help me out with this? Thanks.

Oh, btw, what is the variable for the command they are trying to use in
interpreter.c? I'd also like to add a check to that if so it won't run if
they are doing the command 'AFK' anyways.

Thanks all.

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