Re: [CODE] Adding AFK Flag..

From: Mike Carpenter (abram@DELTANET.COM)
Date: 09/29/97

> I've been messing with a small AFK snippet I found on a Circle site
> ago, and I have it working fine, with a couple of my "modifications" <g>.
> Anyways, I don't want people running around with AFK flags on, so I went
> into interpreter.c and tried to find where I could add in a REMOVE_BIT
> the AFK flag, so that when they did something it would go off. I could
> find this spot, I tried where the AFF_HIDE bit was removed, but that
> caused me to get a "You are no longer AFK." message each time I typed
> something. So I added an if check, making it look like this:
>    if (PRF_FLAGGED(ch, PRF_AFK)

Im not sure but this is a thought to having the afk flag removed upon them
doing something:
        if(PRF_FLAGGED(ch,PRF_AFK) {
                REMOVE_BIT(PRF_FLAGS(ch), PRF_AFK);

This is just idea as to where you would put the check, hmmm.

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