[CODE] room_bits

From: Mike Carpenter (abram@DELTANET.COM)
Date: 09/29/97

Okay I have added two new flags !dual and !single to constants.c
I then changed the NUM_ROOM_FLAGS in olc.h
I defined them in structs.h also with the proper ( 1 << ? )
Then i added in a check in do_simple_move which looks like this
 if(IS_SET(ROOM_FLAGS(EXIT(ch, dir)->to_room),ROOM_NOSINGLE) &&
        (GET_LEVEL(ch) == !IS_MULTI(ch) || GET_LEVEL(ch) < 116)){
        send_to_char("A strange force prevents you from going there.\r\n",
        return 0;

everything compiles and i can set the room flags to !single or !dual, but
when i try to test it out
a single class player can move into a room with an !single flag,
what could be wrong, what am i missing, or what needs changed?

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