2hand limit

From: Brian Williams - Nashak (bmw@EFN.ORG)
Date: 09/30/97

I'm working a 2-hand limit code, but am stuck now. I know this is
possible, because the great Daniel Koepke has coded this for me before,
but since that the MUD has been deleted, and I tried to code it again from
memory, and that didn't work too well, so I tried doing it a different,
but that didn't work too well either, would anyone care to give me a few
pointers on going about this? For those interested, when I finish the
code, I'll make a patch, and I'm going to be starting my own snippets page
of some neat stuff I've coded. So far I only have made a patch for casting
times, which I've seen some requests for on this list, but in the future
I'll be making a patch for my race code, and a bunch of other cool stuff.
Anyways, thanks for reading this long message, and thanks more if you help =)

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