Mail not working
Date: 09/30/97

I have installed the attach objs to mail patch , then found that my mail
in the mud doesn't work correctly, the person deson't receive their mail,
so I just put back in the stock mail.h and mail.c, then I proceeded to
install the improved editor patch.  Now, my mail still doesn't work, so,
I've installed the dmalloc lib to trace my MANY memory problems, one of
which is obuild crashing on me frequently in medit and oedit, I've kept
the mud on the linux os, and STILL I get ^M inserted into my obj and mob
files, so I have resorted using strip_string from oasis.  Anyways, to make
a long story longer.  I took the exact same code zipped it up, put it on
my win95 box, and poof the mail system works fine, try it again on linux,
don't work so well, now here are the discrepancies(sp).  Of course the
dmalloc libs is #defined out in win95, also, I have this in comm.h

void    printf_to_char  ( CHAR_DATA *ch, char *fmt, ...) __attribute__
((format(printf, 2,3)));
void    printf_to_char  ( CHAR_DATA *ch, char *fmt, ...);

this is in comm.c
        vsnprintf (buf, MAX_STRING_LENGTH, fmt, args);
        _vsnprintf (buf, MAX_STRING_LENGTH, fmt, args);

I also have a #define for snprintf in comm.c also for georges most
excellent chunk patch.

Now, you say, perhaps it was the dmalloc lib somehow interferring?  Well,
I tried removing it, deleting the mail file, then mailing.. Still
nothing.. I have stock mail.c and stock mail.h in there still, anyone have
any clues why?  I've tried stepping through the code everything seems to
go fine till the improved editor kicks in, I also have a util that I got
somewhere that allows me to view all the mail from the shell, it always
says that the sender is null and the receiver is null.

If you guys can think of more info that I could give to help out, I'm
running out of options.


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