Re: Newbie: Looking for some text.. from "George" at Sep 30, 97 11:41:08 am

From: Aaron Miller (Tarus50@CONCENTRIC.NET)
Date: 10/01/97

> greerga@bacon:~/mud/circle30bpl11/doc$ less README-NOW
> 3/9/95 JE
> These files contain some of the PRELIMINARY DOCUMENTATION for CircleMUD
> 3.0.  They are not yet complete!!  Do not write mail saying that your
> coding.doc has been mysteriously truncated (believe me when I tell you I've
> gotten 50 such letters already) -- it just hasn't all been written yet.
> running.doc and building.doc are both complete, however, so feel free to
> send me any critiques you may have of it.
> (I love it when people read all the documentation available and miss a file
> named 'README-NOW' in the doc/ directory.)
*grumble* I was looking for something in addition to the shipped with
docs. Also, I was wondering if anyone knew when the coding.doc will be
complete, as it seems to have been delegated to other people, rather then
jeremy doing it himself (I imagine he is a busy man).

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