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From: Chris Proctor (cjp@YOYO.CC.MONASH.EDU.AU)
Date: 10/02/97

>    Another thing you could do is base the amount of xp that a PC gets by the
> level they are.  Here is an example:
> Bob is level 10
> Ken is level 20
> Rick is level 30
> Dan is level 40
> They kill a mob worth 100k xp.
> Bob gets 10% of the xp, worth 10k.
> Ken gets 20% of the xp, worth 20k.
> Rick gets 30% of the xp, worth 30k.
> Dan gets 40% of the xp, worth 40k.
>    That way, according to levels, they get a certain share of xp.  It is a
> fair way (in my opinion), to do it.  Any comments are urged :)

Discourages grouping though. On my MUD I give people 1.4*exp the highest
level in the group would get for the kill, divided by the number of
people in the group (note that you don't get the *1.4 if you're grouped
with yourself). Obviously this discourages large groups, but I'll cross
that bridge when we actually HAVE large groups ;-)

Thus each person in the group gets 70% of the exp the highest level would
get normally (in a group of two), and it seems to work fine. It's not
possible to level newbies obscenely fast, because my exp function has an
exponential falloff (maybe 80->140 exp for killing relatively low level
mobs for the first 4 levels, 1k exp per level instead of the normal
circle exp), so it's more efficient for two newbies to group, or for a
newbie to solo, than to group a high level with one.


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