exp system

From: Rich Chiavaroli (rchiav@FRONTIERNET.NET)
Date: 10/01/97

I've been pondering redoing the exp system and I wanted to throw a couple
ideas out and see if anyone has done these, how they went over, and if
anyone has other suggestions.

First, has anyone implemented an exp limit per kill that is something
different than just a percentage of exp_to_level()? Thats the way I
limited it but the more I look at it, the more it seems to be to
restrictive. I just haven't been able to come up with an idea that
didn't have holes or ways to beat the system other than doing..

if (gain > (exp_to_level(ch) / 8)
  gain = exp_to_level(ch) / 8;

I'm not looking for code for this, just ideas.

Second, I was thinking about replacing the practice system as it is now.
it always seems that a player can eventually practice all his/her
spells/skills. You might as well give the player the full ability
once they reach the level where they can pracice it. What I was thinking
about doing is making each practice cost exp. You can practice as much
as you want but it will cost a certian percentage of your exp_to_level.
along with this, you don't automatically advance when you gain the exp
required. You have to go someplace to gain that level. This way the player
can choose wether or not they want to exp to apply to practices or
a level. The last part of this is to make the exp non cumulative. i.e. if
you need 2000 exp to reach level 2, if you have 2400 and choose to gain
a level, it will subtract the 2000 from your exp and to reach lvl 3,
you'll need, say a total of 2500. Then if you gain another 1000 and have
a total of 1400, you can use some of it to practice a skill/spell.
Has anyone done anything like this? Just wondering how it went over
and any suggestions on balancing it. As an implementor I think it will
slow the leveling a little and at the same time give the players another
challenge. let me know what you think..


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