Re: exp system

From: Davies, Nathan (DaviesN@AECL.CA)
Date: 10/03/97

I'm doing something somewhat similiar to this...what I have is a simple

upon death...
expgain = GET_EXP( victim ) * ( 100 + 10 * ( GET_LEVEL( victim ) -
GET_LEVEL( ch ))) / 100;
but I also have it capped so that you need to kill like 20 mobs min to
level, but this cap should never be reached for normal players.

but for each get exp dependant on the dam / max_hit(victim) *
get_exp(victim) so that ideally, anyone fighting a mob gets twice what
the mobs exp is.  This doesn't happen because mobs gain exp too though.

>Nathan Davies,
>Well a low level player could also group with a player who's 50 levels
>higher and gain 20 levels in 10 minutes. I suppose you could put a +-
>limit on grouping but thats just another restriction that doesnt
>make sense. Hey, I think I just may have come up with something....
>If you kill a mob thats at your level or say, 3-4 levels above, you should
>get maximum exp. but if you kill a mob that 20 levels ahead of you,
>you're probably not doing it on your own and is somewhat of a real
>life comparison... If you are working on the CircleMUD code and you
>implement a spell, and thats the level of your coding, you learned
>something and gained expierence. If you sit there and watch someone
>rewrite the socket handeling and it's nothing you coiuld come close to
>doing on your own, you really don't get much value from it. You
>get some expierence but it's the full amount becuase your persional
>expierece level isn't at the point where it can be fully benificial.
>Sooooo.. How does having somewhat of a curve where the the optimum level
>for mob to be that you kill is 4 levels above you. After that, you start
>to lose a percentage of the exp that the mob has to offer? So you will
>not get what a higher level player will get for killing hte same mob
>but it doesn't put a "cap" on the max exp you can get per kill per level.
>How does that sound?

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