Re: exp system

From: Rich Chiavaroli (rchiav@FRONTIERNET.NET)
Date: 10/02/97

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997 BOGWALDL@MALA.BC.CA wrote:

> Bob is level 10
> Ken is level 20
> Rick is level 30
> Dan is level 40
> They kill a mob worth 100k xp.
> Bob gets 10% of the xp, worth 10k.
> Ken gets 20% of the xp, worth 20k.
> Rick gets 30% of the xp, worth 30k.
> Dan gets 40% of the xp, worth 40k.

Hrm.. I don't agree with getting less exp if you kill something as
a group. I wold never group if that was the case. Why get less exp
for something with someoen else when you can get more by yourself?
The only benifit would be killing something that had good eq.. but
good eq should be rare so that won't happen alot.

I think I'm going to give my bell curve idea a shot. example would be..

mob is lvl 50 and has 300,000 exp (just an example)

formula would be something like... (just making this up as I go

... gain already ='s mob exp ...

if ((level_difference = moblevel - playerlevel) > 5) {
  exp_lost = (MIN(99, ((level_difference - 5) * 2.5)) / 100) * gain;
  gain -= (int)exp_lost;

Well thats a kina psudocode version.

a level 40 player would get 262,000 exp.
a level 30 player would get 187,000 exp.
a level 20 player would get 112,000 exp.
a level 10 player would get  37,000 exp.
a level  1 player would get   3,000 exp.

On my mud, it's between 2k and 3k to reach level 2. A newbie
just got a level by grouping with a high pc... but.. they  didn't
just get 15 levels...

I'll let everyone know how it works out..


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