Re: exp system

From: Rich Chiavaroli (rchiav@FRONTIERNET.NET)
Date: 10/02/97

> This is terribly linear, one-dimensional thinking; a problem that

This is terribly opinionated and likewise, one-dimentional thinking.

> affects the creative productivity of far too many fields.  And,

I am not sarcaficing creativity or productivity. In fact I'm deciding
that there is to much work for to little value. In the end, what
do you have? CircleMUD without a number to tell you what level you
are. How will this actually change the game? And the changes that
it will make, can't they still be made with the leveling sysyem in
place? I think so.

 it actually seems an excuse to get out of having to code something
> that is time consuming (though only a few hours work in truth, and
> all of the changes are quite trivial).  In my experience, if the

I'm not working on this MUD to try to slap together some game so
all my friends can get on and chat. I'm doing it because I've mudded
for a while and there has never really been a MUD that functioned the
way I would have liked it to. If I think of something that is complex
and would be hard to implement, I don't shy away from it because of that.
But I'm not going to grep through the entire code for something that
I think has no value.

Beyond the game being challenging, mysterious, balanced, and fun.. it
has to be somewhat familiar. Why does everyone use the Circle stock
code? because they like it. I'd rather play a circle than a ROM or
a MIRC any day. But, I'd like to play one that was different enough
to stay interesting. (the coin flips again) But it still has to be
a circle though.

Anyway, sorry I went on here. I just don't appreciate it when someone
assumes that 'they' know that I'm taking the 'easy' way when it's
absolutely not the case. It may have been a general statement but
it came across very pompus.


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