Re: Mail not working

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 10/02/97

On Tue, 30 Sep 1997, wrote:

-+I have installed the attach objs to mail patch , then found that my mail
-+in the mud doesn't work correctly, the person deson't receive their mail,
-+so I just put back in the stock mail.h and mail.c, then I proceeded to
-+install the improved editor patch.  Now, my mail still doesn't work, so,
-+I've installed the dmalloc lib to trace my MANY memory problems, one of
-+which is obuild crashing on me frequently in medit and oedit, I've kept
-+the mud on the linux os, and STILL I get ^M inserted into my obj and mob
-+files, so I have resorted using strip_string from oasis.

This has nothing to do with the object mailing patch.  It has its
own bugs, none of which is this one.  More likely, you have a '\r'
where there's not supposed to be one.

-+Now, you say, perhaps it was the dmalloc lib somehow interferring?  Well,
-+I tried removing it, deleting the mail file, then mailing.. Still
-+nothing.. I have stock mail.c and stock mail.h in there still, anyone have
-+any clues why?

Mail not working might be do to the mailing patch if you got
rejections.  But I'm assuming it never worked on your mud.  The
symptoms of "mail not working" are too wide to simply guess at,
though.  So, how exactly is mail not "working"?  Does it allow
you to mail and no-one ever gets the mail?  This might be do to
the mail file not being written out because of non-existant
directories.  There's also the possibility of corruption.

Regardless, it sounds like you have at least 2 distinct problems
on your Mud that you have grouped together.  The problem you
are having with ^M (\r) additions is most certainly not to do
with the object mailing code.  And the patch works fine on a
stock Circle running under Linux.  I can't say it works right
on other computers, but I can't imagine another computer not
allowing writing an integer and reading it back in (and that's
roughly the extent of the code)...

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