Re: An uncommon problem...

From: Whitey (zacker@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: 10/03/97

On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, Daniel Koepke wrote:
> Argh, no.  We're assuming that the *player* should have no bearing
> on the game's mechanics.  The game should determine whether the
> *player character* is able to determine the language.  Allowing a
> *player* to decipher the language thanks to software or mental
> abilities (even if they're playing a 5 intelligence, skull-bashing,
> drooling warrior) is *not* right.  The ability of a character to
> decipher a language by hearing it should be based on the character's
> intelligence and abilities, not the *player's*.

Ok, then how about this.  Everytime a player hears a language they don't
know, then the MUD makes a check vs. the characters intelligence.  If the
check succeeds, then the character will gain a very small amount of skill
in that language.  If the check fails, then they get no gain on that
language and they get a message like "You don't understand what Daniel
just said."

If they hear a language with which they have some skill, the MUD makes a
check vs. that language skill percentage.  If the check succeeds, then
they understand what was said.  If that check fails, then the MUD makes a
check vs that character's intelligence, so that they may have a chance to
increase their skill in that language, even though they might not have
understood what was said.

THIS way, the characters have the opportunity of learning a language as
they hear it (like in real life), but it is all character based instead of
player based.

Now that I think about it, this would be very easy to implement.  Pop in a
language skill, do a couple of fancy checks in do_gen_comm (I think), and
pretty soon, people will be chattering in all sorts of languages in order
to learn them.

I hope this satifies everyone.


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