[code] Three Arguments

From: Aaron Miller (Tarus50@CONCENTRIC.NET)
Date: 10/07/97

Hmm.. I have been using two_arguments and half_chop alot, I was wondering
how I would go about making a three_arguments or some such? I am just
learning C so be gentle..

I greped for two_arguments in *.c and found only calls to it, greped in
*.h and found what looked like a declaration. I stuck that in magic.c and
it works fine.  (curious, why didn't I have to do this with one_argument?)

Now, i have been re writing the magic system and im almost done. I am just
now writing a new command to cast things, and I need three args. I could
use half chop, but I would rather write a function to do this. I looked
all over the code for two_arguments, but only found to declarations, both
in interpreter.h, and they look like this...

  char *two_arguments(char *argument, char *first_arg, char *second_arg);
  /* looks like a function declarations, and this next one... */
  #define argument_interpreter(a, b, c) two_arguments(a, b, c)

stumps me.. what is that, and how can I make a three_arguments type
parser? Oh, and I noticed there is no third_arg :(

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