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From: Crystal Towers (crystal@PIER37.COM)
Date: 10/07/97

Not sure which category to put this under so I'm just gonna leave it blank
(don't shoot me please!).  I'm looking for someone who knows Circle well,
who might be interested in doing some short term coding for money (I'm not
rich, so don't expect a fortune - I just believe in rewarding people for
their work). My husband and I have been developing a game plan for several
years now (we're both experienced admins in LPs).  We had planned to write
a mudlib from scratch but have decided to go with Circle instead.
Unfortunately, I am not a coder (though I am learning) and my husband is
swamped with RL.  I have been able to install some of the patches I've
found, but again, I'm not a coder. So, I've decided to see if anyone would
be willing to help me get things rolling.  I have almost all the
information.. I just need it put into code.  Specifically, I am looking
for the following to be done:

Addition of Races (21 races)

Addition of Professions (40 professions)

Modification of Current Stats (it comes stock with 6, we have 8 - a couple
of which are the same as the stock)

Modification of Character Creation to include stat rolling (each race has
a base for each stat and a bonus possible) - no players so deleting player
files is NOT a problem :)

Addition of Reincarnation System (this one would be easier to explain in

Modification of the Score Command

Addition of "skills", "spells" and "stats" commands for players

Inclusion of Arena code (I tried doing the patch from the contrib dir, but
it errors out with errors that make no sense to me whatsoever)

Skills and spells I believe I can handle as well as the zones (we'll be
using NO stock zones whatsoever except possibly the God Simplex - all
zones will be written specifically for Crystal). I've already added the
additional levels we want (100 mortal levels plus 4 immorts) though for
some reason I can't advance anyone past 101 (the immort level), though I
am a 104 (implementor).  I have designed a fairly extensive player-run
merchant system, but do not think I can afford to pay someone to code it
for me at this time and it isn't imperative to include at the beginning.

We have put alot of thought into this game design and have many people
waiting anxiously for us to open for beta.  If you want more detailed
information or to view our game proposal in general, our web address is:

If you might be interested in earning some extra spending money and know
your way around Circle code, please email me back or stop by Crystal and
visit!!  Our mud address is: 6969

- Dominique, Empress
  Crystal Towers - 6969

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