Re: [code] switch bug (sort of) 97 10:02:24 am

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 10/07/97

> >The point is that you can recieve and send another person's mail by
> >switching into their link-dead body. It's has such serious ethical
> >implications that I would classify it as a bug that needs fixed. If
> >you're switched into another char you should either not be allowed
> >to recieve their mail or you should recieve your own mail.
> If you have to ability to switch PC bodies, you *should* already have an =
> access
> level where it is possible to invade privacy in a number of ways.

Right. You can snoop them for instance.

> This =
> is not a
> bug, this is just a feature that needs to be controlled properly, logged =
> if
> necessary.

The semantics of the issue are of no consequence. Called it an ethical
problem waiting to happen or a bug, either way it should be fixed.
Fixing it may include logging, but there is no reason why you shouldn't
just take out the ability for a player to access another player's mail
by switching into them. Why would you want to keep it in?
If you want implementors to have access to mail then make a command
for it like there is for snooping. The switch command's side affect
of letting you read other people's mail is an anomoly, and it
only works if the target is link dead.

>  On our mud, I could simple go read the mail file itself, if I=
>  felt
> this was necessary for some reason.

Right, but that requires you have access to the mail files. Not
all implementors do. I know if I were running a mud I would not
give other implementors access to the mail, and I would certainly
not want them to be able to read mine.

> This is a game, first and foremost. =
>  If you
> need to carry on a private, non-game related conversation, do it in =
> email.

Need I point out that mail sent over the mud is electronic mail? :)

> Imms
> are the paper RPG equivalent to GMs, and as such, have every right to see
> everything that goes on, if they feel it is necessary to run the game =
> properly.

If the imps make it known to the users that nothing is personal I
have no problem with this. You fail to see my point: the head
implementor's mail can be read. This is not about the players, it's
about the administration.

> If they abuse this priveledge, and it is possible, don't be surprised, =
> just go
> find another game.

You essentially agree with me that the switch command is not
the proper way to access another person's mail. It doesn't let
you look at their mail without preventing it from reaching it's
destination, it doesn't let you look at their mail when their
link-dead character isn't logged on, and it isn't logged. It
was never intended for the purpose you're attributing to it,
and I don't understand your reluctance to fix it. If you want
a command to read other people's mail then make one, but don't
depend on some akward bug to do it.

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