interpreter.h & medit

From: Kareem Glover (GLOVERK_96@SCSU.EDU)
Date: 10/08/97

OKay this is a two question post

First.. I have been working on this problem for a couple of days and still can't figure it out.
What causes the pauses in the interpreter.h file when it is running the menus.
Sometimes I have to hit enter three times before I advance to the next
Case statements.  I added a section called reroll.. it comes after the race
selection case.. but when i execute the program you have to hit enter three
times before it scrolls.  I'm thinking maybe because I'm using

if (*arg == "Y" || *arg =="y")

to read the data to see if the users wants to reroll.. but when the uses types enter three times after the race screen it messes up the reroll propmt. DO ya understand me?

Second Question --

I noticed that some posted a post on the <= and = things that needed to be changed in medit and sedit.  Can someone repost that letter for me since I seem to mislocated mine.

Thanks all in advance..


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