Re: [ Off-Topic ] Switch/Mail and stuff.. 97 10:37:44 am

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 10/08/97

> >Ahh, but you will still have to change it for it to be useful. Now,
> *More* useful.

The ability to read another player's mail in stock circle using
switch requires them to be link dead. I would say that makes
switch pretty much useless as a tool for reading mail. The stock
circle behavior of switch needs changed whether you want to be
able to read other player's mail or not. It's that simple, and
that's essentially all I've ever been saying. If my terminology
was ever unclear I've certainly explained it enough times by
now. This is not an issue that's controversial. All people who
insist I mean what I explicitly tell them I don't mean are just
playing games. The first time I say something it's understandable
if other peole misinterpret. The second time they misattribute
ideas to my argument it's just plain dishonesty.

> >deal with this "contrary to my position" stuff? Who the hell do you
> You said it needs to be fixed.  Everyone else has said that it works as =
> we would
> expect it too, and that not only does it not need to be fixed, but it's =
> not
> broken.  I'm not gonna go look up contrary, but it certainly seems to fit=
>  the
> definition as I've always understood it...

Right, but I explained what I meant when I said it needed fixed, didn't
I? I said that what I mean is stock circle behavior of switch doesn't
cut it as far as anyone's purposes' go. If you want to effectively
use it to read other player's mail you ahve to do something like make
a load player command. If you don't want the ability to read other
player's mail you take it out. In fact, I even gave a third option:
the unusual/undocumented/buggy/whatever behavior of switch is so
unlikely to affect people that it's reasonable to take the lazy way
out and just not fix it. I mean, only player's high enough level to
swithc can abuse the bug anyways. All in all I really haven't been
saying anything earthshatering. It's that people refuse to accept
what I mean by my terminology long after I've explained it to them.
Now that's childish behavior. =)

(ps- my original subject line was "switch bug (sort of)" and my
message consisted of one sentence: "If you switch into other
players you can read their mail." I was not being commanding,
or even making value judgements. It's amazing that this
discussion ever got to sucha ridiculous point.)

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