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From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 10/08/97

Daniel, would you happen to mind posting your calculate_speed function? This
idea seems very interesting. (i hope you still have the code, it is an old post
from the archives.)  I would like to integrate this with the timed spell casting
function. thinking about giving my magic usrers more to practice by giving them
the choice of raising skill level with the spell, or speed.  maybe I will remove
practices and just make spells/skills learned items with having to go to the
guild master every time they learn 5% points to get the next point. that or have
them just go up once per level. and have the guild master actually do the
teaching, while the player has to use it a certain amount for the master to be
willing to teach.  hrms....
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Did it. And it was actually quite easy! [IF ANYONE
SLAP THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THEM] What I did was change the
combat pulses to occur every second, then I made a temp
variable for characters (where-ever they have 'fighting' and
'hunting' and all those other temporary things) that would
save how long it takes to attack. Next I created a function
called 'calculate_speed' that took into account HASTE and
SLOW, and dextrity, weapon weight, what they person was
wearing (eg., huge armor slowed them down), what they were
carrying (lots of weight slowed them down), terrain, etc.,
etc. and a bit of randomisity then returned that.  In hit()
I would do: 'NEXT_HIT(ch) = calculate_speed(ch);' and a
check to make sure that their opponent was fighting (if not
then I made them hit the person to get them fighting).
Finally, in perform_violence() I did something like:

if ((NEXT_HIT(ch)--))

Inside my loop...

Oh, now that I think about it, my multi-code (which was very
simple) that, in response to someone else, I tried to have
mix attacks up, would benefit from this. And actually, on my
MUD, this completely replaces the multi-hit code. I figure
if the person is fast enough, they'll get off a hit or two
before their opponent does, anyway.

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