Re: Ron Cole; partial control of mobs.

From: Jon Ridgwell (j.ridgwell@VIRGIN.NET)
Date: 10/08/97

> ObCircle:
> What kinds of things could be added, so that it's possible to control
> the
> behavior of mobs, on a large scale, but still limited to certain areas
> and/or
> types of mobs.  What I'm trying to get at here, is a way to give
> certain high
> level players control over zone(s) full of mobs, without quite giving
> them
> direct control, like they would have with force or switch or charm.
> Give the
> mobs goals, standing orders on defending their area, etc.
> Has anybody done anything like this?  Care to explain the general idea
> behind
> what you did, and how you did it?
> Ron

    I've not done this myself, although i've done something similar by
way of a spec proc.
You set up one of the spares to be the zone that a player has control
over. Write a bit into set to allow you to set the controlled zone. Then
you can just use the force command, lower the level needed to use it to
LVL_IMMORTAL or whereever and put a check line inside for the old level.
(Stops everyone using it) Then check the virtual number of the mob
forced, if it is withing that zone (eg, zone 170 mobs with id's
17000-17099) the command is executed. If you want to make a mob guard
add a catch inside 'force' that toggles the sentinel flag. Same with the
aggresive flags and any others you want. You can get them to complete
goals of killing other mobs/players by setting them hunting.
    If you are planning on having zone wars as a regular feature you
could create an !ZONE flag. Then put something in mobact to check for
it, if it's there then see if there is a mob from a different zone and
attack them if there is.
    I must stress that this is theory only, I am sure that there are
neater ways of doing it. I guess that it depends on how deep you wanna
go. The spec_proc I wrote was for the staff of office which belonged to
the current ruler of the city. Anyone possesing this and holding it
could command any humanoid mob (mob races where put in) to obey them.
Basically if you had this staff you could order a peacekeeper equivalent
to lick your shoes =]

Hope its of some help,

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