Re: [ Off-Topic ] Switch/Mail and stuff..

From: Ron Cole (rcole@EZY.NET)
Date: 10/08/97

>or even making value judgements. It's amazing that this
>discussion ever got to sucha ridiculous point.)

It's not all that hard to figure out from here... you reported what you deemed
to be a problem.  Many of us replied that it's not that big a deal in *our*
opinion.  You droned on trying to convince us that it was, and that it was
critically important that this behavior be modified.  We once again said that we
understood the behavior, and some of us thought it might even have some value.
You repeated your assertions that it needed to be altered, and that if we did
not want to alter it, we must be lazy and/or inept.  And so on, and so on.

The problem seems to be that you cannot accept that we can live with the
behavior of switch as it currently functions in reguard to mud mail.  Or, you
simply must have the last word on the subject, even if it's just a rehash of a
previous message.


What kinds of things could be added, so that it's possible to control the
behavior of mobs, on a large scale, but still limited to certain areas and/or
types of mobs.  What I'm trying to get at here, is a way to give certain high
level players control over zone(s) full of mobs, without quite giving them
direct control, like they would have with force or switch or charm.  Give the
mobs goals, standing orders on defending their area, etc.

Has anybody done anything like this?  Care to explain the general idea behind
what you did, and how you did it?


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