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From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 10/09/97

is there any way this site could be indexed by date, or at least month?  if ya
want, I will alter the page and send it to you.  of those of us that look at it
regularly, it is kinda hard to pick out the new entries... i think this is the
fault of all of us on the list, we just post too much :)  if someone needs
something specific, there is always CTRL-F.   thx

check out the struct/entry for spell_info:
struct spell_info_type {
   char *spell_name;
   int mana_max;        /* Max amount of mana used by a spell (lowest lev) */
   int mana_min;        /* Min amount of mana used by a spell (highest lev) */
   int mana_change;     /* Change in mana used by spell from lev to lev */
   byte min_position;   /* Position for caster   */
   int targets;         /* See below for use with TAR_XXX  */
   byte violent;
   int routines;
   int min_level[NUM_CLASSES];
   int is_spell;


the advantage here is you don't have that HUGE hole between spells and skills.
with approaite rewriting of some of the practice functions this works great.
you still have to keep the #define SPELL_ or SKILL_ macros, but that is for
readability in the code, the wear off strings (could these go into the messages
file?) and the afore mentioned messages file, whoops, don't forget items.


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