Re: [CODE?] Email_Reg && Aliases

From: Ron Cole (rcole@EZY.NET)
Date: 10/10/97

>>spell has frozen their water.  This can also give more meaning
>>to actual beverage types and a reason to purchase alcohol over
>>water (because alcohol has a lower freezing tempature than
>Of course, if you wish to extend that, we could keep a variable for the
>tempreture of the air and if it is really hot, drinking alcohol would make
>them require water more often...

Or, this same mage finds that his spells are failing at 2 or 3 times the normal
rate, because he is so far out of his element...  So many cool things <bad pun>
are possible when you break out of the standard mold that is imposed on you in
the stock code.  If only I could clone myself a few times to get all this
implented.  But if I could, I'd probably find that I hated working with
myself...  :-/


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