Re: [CODE?] Email_Reg && Aliases

From: Gerhard POUL (gpoul@IDEFIX.HTL-TEX.AC.AT)
Date: 10/10/97


> You don't need to patch this.  Read the alias help entry a little more
> closely, and you'll note that this command should do the trick:
> alias mm cast 'magic missile' $*
> (I think it is $* for the 'rest of line', not 100% sure, if not, it is
> something to that effect)

UUUuupppss.... I haven't looked at this code yet, but the wizards told me
that i should fix that, so i posted this mailing :-)

But thanks for your answers... It seams than while you're programming a
mud you learn many new things ;-)

  Gerhard Poul

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