Objects in Objects

From: Soren P. Skou (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 10/10/97

Hi all..

Might be me who's totally looney or something. I've walked through
the Autoeq Patch to see if I made a boo-boo somewhere, could be of
course, but I really don't think so.

Situation is like this:

Serces logs in, gets 5 waybread, a bag and a Sword. Put the 5
Waybreads in the bag, Wields the sword, saves, exits, and reenters.

Sword is Still Wielded as it should be (Why else use AutoEQ :), but
the bread all of a sudden is moved from the bag to the Inventory.
It's some time since I applied the Patch, and frankly haven't thought
about this problem. And no, it's not only with breads :) It's with
every object you put inside another object.

Any Ideas to what is wrong, or have anyone seen this error? (If
needed I can give the objsave.c but It's a bit long).

I've tried tracking down the error. But it doesn't seem like there is
anything wrong. 'Cept maybe, I took a good look at the Rentfiles, and
what location the different EQ's was saved at. And as far as I can
see, then Objects saved from Inventory has Location 0, regardless of
if they are in another object or not. Dunno, maybe I'm reading the
code wrong or something, but I've got the impression that EQ coming
from a bag, will have a negative number, corresponding to the
container they are in, or am I totally looney here????



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