Re: [ Idea ] Shapeshifters...

From: Davies, Nathan (DaviesN@AECL.CA)
Date: 10/10/97

Little gain??? I dare say you are wrong in that matter.

Roly Playing games were made to role play characters, and yes, even
items that you wouldn't be able to in that far off place called reality.

I think this is a wickedly cool idea, and limiting actions for it would
be no harder than for any other special item.

No_Donate, No_Junk, and if you don't want them in containers, stop that.
 If you do, they could maybe jump out, or if they resume their form
inside the bag, break it, if they resume form in someones inventory,
they fall to the ground.  The inventory is like a container that doesn't
need a name, it's automatic.  It's on your person in one form or

Whoever does do this shapeshifting stuff, all's I can say is way to go,
for originality and role playing...

>Nathan Davies,
>um... you pick a player up, put him in your bag, donate bag :) and leave him
>there.  what happens if they transform inside a bag? how about if the person
>holding them rents? if some one junks them or puts them in the dump?  and on
>nifty idea, but VERY complicated for little gain.
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>Subject:  [ Idea ] Shapeshifters...
>Author: at CSERVE
>Date:    10/10/97 12:50 PM
>Ok, there were talk about werevolves and stuff likt that... And players
>chaning into mobs... BUT!
>How about player changing into an object? HA! ANyone done this? (Basically
>I think somebody did... Otherwise I will just rename myself to Newton or
>smth *grin*)
>OK, anyway, the idea is like this, players can shapeshift into an object,
>at that time, character would be moved, to some temnporary location and an
>object would load. Descriptor would be transferred to the object structure
>and players would have only limited commands available, like look and
>stuff (Maybe if they are a containers, they coould open and close and if
>they are fountains, they could squirt *shrug*) and of course the command
>that would bring them back to their original shape... If they would be
>picked up and put into the container then everything would be dark and

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