idea for the taking...

From: Justin (c616077@SHOWME.MISSOURI.EDU)
Date: 10/10/97

Hey folks.

Nothing special here.  I just was thinking about invis objects and the
like and thought of a change that I am going to put in my mud, and I
thought I'd share it.
The idea is that invis objects in containers should be get-able.  Can't
use them, but just get oh and drop and give them.  Way I figure it, if you
just killed a mob and you're going through the corpse, when you come to an
empty knife sheath inside the vest and it's kinda heavy, doesn't take a
genious to figure out it isn't really empty but just has an invisible
knife in it.  Same for just about anything else.  Say you were using a
invisible sword while you could see invisable, but removed it and put it
in your inventory before see invis ran out.  When you try to get it again,
even if you can't see invis, there will be a space somewhere in your
inventory where there isn't anything that you can see.  Feel there, aha!
your sword!
However, using invis objects should be changed so that you can't unless
you can currently see invis.  You might know the sword's in your hand, but
if you can't see the tip and exact angle, how are you supposed to strike
and parry?

Just my thoughts...


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