Jumping between muds

From: G.W. Willman, IV (gww6e@EROLS.COM)
Date: 10/12/97

You know, having differing spells nums, etc would be a good thing, I think.
 Consider your basic level 5 mage, he's pretty wimpy on mud X, but he finds
strange portal and, having little loose, he steps through.  Boom, he lands in
mud Y, where he finds the arcane words he used to call a magic missile on mud X
now cuts loose a spirit fireball!  The worlds are different, you could spin up
a story about the mana rich world of Y, versus the medieval siege world of X.
 Of course you'd have to plan this stuff out with the other imps, but it could
be a LOT of fun from the player's stand point.  Perhaps the average level 20
warrior of X could transition to Y, where he'd find his limited military skills
now make him fierce warlord and a tactical genesis.  Of course... once he got
over the thrill of wrecking house and faced a mid level mage of Y... things
could get real ugly real fast.  Enter mud Z, a dark Goth world... mud A, the
apocalyptic future...
Of course, the real trick to this would be coordination among the imm staffs,
and perhaps hardest of all, keeping the balance... perhaps a hidden player stat
called entropy could be used, while a player was in a strange world his native
entropy could be would be slowly ebbing away back on his home world... sure you
could hit like a tank on the mana rich world, but without returning to your
native world, you'd die.  Maybe some players would never even notice it, just
after a year or so away from home, players would start dying mysteriously...
soon they'd piece together what was happening.

Something to think about.

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