Re: Level 1 save

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 10/12/97

On Sun, 12 Oct 1997, George wrote:

-+On Sun, 12 Oct 1997, Robert Sinland wrote:
-+>Just a notion, but has anyone added anything along the lines of what I
-+>believe stock Envy has to not allow level 1 chars to save?
-+  if (IS_NPC(ch) || !ch->desc)
-+    return;
-+  if (IS_NPC(ch) || !ch->desc || GET_LEVEL(ch) <= 1)
-+    return;

That wouldn't stop auto-saving, though.  I think the idea is to
prevent people from creating a flood of level 1 characters with
no purpose.  I do like the idea--stopping people from creating
worthless level 1 characters--but thoroughly dislike the means
of preventing it: don't allow new characters to save.  This means
that a new character will have to level or they won't be saved.
For new characters just learning the game this can take as long
as a few hours; especially for those new to muds.

I propose a different way: only require them to play for one
hour before they quit out.  Then, automatically purge level 1
characters that haven't played in more than a week.  That way,
you prevent people from just creating a flood of new chars to
piss off the administrators; and you kill off abondoned newbie

Of course, on occassion, players might need to go away for a
while, so you might want to create a PLR_VACATION flag so that
they are spared auto-purging, and then add a "show vacation"
command so you can see all the players that are being spared
auto-purging (and possibly the last time they logged in)...
Perhaps remove PLR_VACATION whenever the person logs in like the
rent/cryogenic flag...

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