suggestion for the next patch level

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 10/14/97

     change the way exit flags work from being an int to a bit field.  If
     you move EX_PICKPROOF to (1<<1) you will not have to change the world
     format at all. (pickproof will have to be coded so that it
     automatically inserts EX_ISADOOR for sanity's sake)  I ran into this
     when adding a secret flag to the doors and was going to add a magic
     wall types that I wanted to have save to the doors.  right now doors
     just work in a freaky way.

     the code for reading a door in a .wld file:
   if (sscanf(line, " %d %d %d ", t, t + 1, t + 2) != 3)
      fprintf(stderr, "Format error, %s\n", buf2);
   if (t[0] == 1)
      world[room].dir_option[dir]->exit_info = EX_ISDOOR;
   else if (t[0] == 2)
      world[room].dir_option[dir]->exit_info = EX_ISDOOR | EX_PICKPROOF;
      world[room].dir_option[dir]->exit_info = 0;

     should be a minor fix, going off to implment it now.

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