Re: non-recursive tracking algorithm (that works)

From: Sean Butler (sbutler@DEVEAST.COM)
Date: 10/15/97

Kenneth wrote:

It's considered polite to use a maximum of 78 characters per line for those people who (and lots of them still exist, trust me, especially those working on a text-based MUD) only have an 80-character-per-line screen.
* There are lots of email readers for unix that will wrap text.  Emacs, pine,
* elm, I am sure that there are many for X-Windows.  The truth is I am happy 
* to break the lines myself if people can't read them.  But, people who 
* respond to an old thread after I have asked nicely to abandon it are just 
* asking me to retalliate.  Please notice that the message that I sent in 
* response was not over 80 chars per line. So your post seems, as pleasantly
* you worded it, just another attempt to start a flame war.  Let's, as I 
* asked, end this thread or discuss alternative tracking methods please.

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