[Admin] Tracking scope (and a small comment)

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 10/15/97

Daniel Wrote:

> BTW: it's near impossible to divide what you're saying from what
> you're quoting others are saying, and you're using more than 79
> characters per line (which is the only way I figured out what Jeremy
> said (because it all fit on a line) and what you were saying (because
> it was way off the screen).  I'd appreciate you remedy that situation,
> as it is highly annoying.

The Other Guy wrote:

> * Thank you Daniel, that was very helpful.
> * PS. Let me offer you some help:  Get a mail reader that wraps.

To just jump in from a common curtesy point of view.  Hitting enter every
79 characters is NOT a hard thing to do.  And since many more people than
Daniel may not wish to, or simply not have access to a mailer that does
that (Not to mention the fact that the wrapping is STILL ugly.) it would
seem simply the polite and courteous thing to do.

Ok, on to track.
Other than the excellant suggestion made about saving movement in a room,
are there any other considerations you can come up with dealing with
restrictions on track?

I have had alot of complaints from players about what classes should get
it at what level, should it be multi zone, or on stationary mobs.

Since none of youa re players on my mud, I would hope for some unbiased

Thanks in advance.

Ghost Shaidan

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