Re: [Admin] Tracking scope (and a small comment)

From: Sean Butler (sbutler@DEVEAST.COM)
Date: 10/15/97

Ghost wrote:
* Other than the excellant suggestion made about saving movement in a room,
* are there any other considerations you can come up with dealing with
* restrictions on track?
* I have had alot of complaints from players about what classes should get
* it at what level, should it be multi zone, or on stationary mobs.

I think it should be a distance based skill.  Either the target can only
be a set number of rooms away, or if you have a wilderness, a set
wilderness distance.  So if I am in Zone A and it is only 4 steps to
Zone B I should be able to track the player.  Or, If I am in Zone A and
There is a wilderness outside, I should be able to track the person
through the entire zone, as well as a fixed distacne into the wilderness.
If there is a nearby zone, I should be able to track him through that
zone too.  The only things that might stop me are things like water,
doors, secret exits, etc.

As far as who should have it, certainly not stationary mobiles, so a
check should be done in mobact() or wherever to ensure that only the
right kinds of mobiles can track.  I don't really like the idea of
letting thieves be trackers like many muds have done.  I think thieves
know more about getting away than they do about persuing people.  If
you have a standard class structure (war, thief, mage, cleric) I would
rather see the warrior get the track skill.  If your class structure is
a bit more advanced, choose or make something like a ranger.

Just my 2 cents :-)

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