Re: Bearhug?!?

From: Søren P. Skou (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 10/15/97

Daniel Koepke wrote:

> Huh?  So, wait, you're saying that if you do the WAIT_STATE(ch, ....)
> first, then the WAIT_STATE(victim, ....) doesn't work?  I doubt that,
> since do_bash does it fine.  So, what are you saying?  (perhaps I'm
> just missing it, I've been sick as of late)
hmm.. was thinking a couple of more ticks about what I just said, I
think I must be delirious or something (HEy, I've been sick as well you
know.. :).

Actually, the problem is When you Initiate an attack with Bearhug,
Victim is Stunned Allrigt, but PC starts hitting right away. *ponder*


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