Re: Jesus walked on water...

From: Jörgen \ (di5sig@CSE.HKS.SE)
Date: 10/15/97

> Hmm...after reading this I came up with a preliminary approach to fix this.
> I have compiled (but not run) with this patch and am looking mostly for
> comments on the approach and not the implementation.  Basically, any gold
> dropped in water is lost.  Anything that weighs > 0 dropped in water is
> lost.  Every pulse, a character is tested to see if they have a boat and
> are over water, if they do not have a boat, they lose hit points equal to
> their maximum divided by 5. (So 20% each tick.) That may seem odd, but in
> this case the character is drowning for one hour (game time) in unswimmable
> water.   I'll release the (tested) patch later on my page when satisfied.

Hmm.. how about bringing some elementary physics into the picture?
In physics you learn that objects with lesser density than a fluids density,
that object will float on that fluid. How about tagging water (liquid) with
a density and objects with density? (Optional flags in world/object files.
Objects/rooms with no flag = objects will sink (or something)).
Humans has less density (usually :) than water (depends of course on the
type of water), thus they float. It's one thing being under water.. then I
agree with you that hitpoints should be drawn every tick (or sooner if
possible.. and after a period of time too (most people can hold their breath
for moment)).

And Jeremy.. In utils.h just above the macro REMOVE_FROM_LIST you explain
that this macro would be a great application for C++ templates and you
mention Circle 4.0. :) I'm curious.. are you planning a C++ 4.0 version
of Circle? That comment sure is a mindteaser. ;)

// Jorgen

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