Re: Swimming, falling, flying and drowning...

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 10/16/97

I think the ultimate way to deal with this whole issue is
to magic magic users (mages AND clerics) rare.  Do this by
making them unusually challenging to play.  Arctic seems to
do a very good job of this, and might make a good model :)

>> You have a variety of solutions.  I'd leave it with no
>> flying underwater, but do away with no flying in the rain.
>> * Perhaps fly can only be cast on self.
>Still too powerful, because every sea, every river, every ocean would
>become crossable w.o any difficulties. Also my ferries would become
>obsolete, I have a transport system, which players can use to cross the
>oceans and seas and go to the other islands (whole world is just a bunch
>of islands). So swimming is a mv hog and there is no way that you could
>swim across the oceans and when I add random currents in the oceans, then
>it will be practically impossible :)

If magic is rare, and "expensive" to case, this ceases
to be a problem.
>> * Make it non-cumulative in duration.
>I don't have ANY spells accumulative :)

Neither do I... how many people do use cumulative
duration?  and cumulative effect, for that matter?
>> * Have it require some obscure or hard to get material
>> component (e.g., "breath of the west wind").
>This might be a good idea :)

I remember on one of the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoons
where they had to find the foot of a yellow dragon to
cure someone.  It ended up being a type of flower, but the
characters didn't know that... };)

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