Re: Jesus walked on water...

From: Jon Ridgwell (j.ridgwell@VIRGIN.NET)
Date: 10/16/97

Jeremy Elson wrote:

> Making boats a container might work, but it would probably be very
> messy -- it would probably require tons of "special-case" code
> everywhere to deal with the fact that an object sitting in a boat has
> some properties of a container and some properties of something
> sitting on the ground.  i.e., special code would be required for "get
> anvil" (if it was on the boat with you), and "look" (to print what is
> sitting in the boat with you), etc.

Not necessarily. If you just tell the player that they are in a boat or
whatever and adjustit so that instead of sending Jon the mud player is
standing here, when on water it sends
Jon the mud player is in <whatever form of flotation>. Then you would
use put Amazingly
cool sword of megadeath (sic) boat. If you drop stuff it is assumed that
you casually lob
over the side of your boat whilst whistling innocently. Same with
getting things, you get it
from the boat. This way you can have things floating past (stale bread,
hungry ducks,
corpses) as well.

> Jer
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