Re: Swimming, falling, flying and drowning...

From: bruce (s3038268@TITANIC.MPCE.MQ.EDU.AU)
Date: 10/16/97

On Thu, 16 Oct 1997, Edward Glamkowski wrote:

> I think the ultimate way to deal with this whole issue is
> to magic magic users (mages AND clerics) rare.  Do this by
> making them unusually challenging to play.  Arctic seems to
> do a very good job of this, and might make a good model :)
> >> You have a variety of solutions.  I'd leave it with no
> >> flying underwater, but do away with no flying in the rain.
> >> * Perhaps fly can only be cast on self.
> >
> >Still too powerful, because every sea, every river, every ocean would
> >become crossable w.o any difficulties. Also my ferries would become
> >obsolete, I have a transport system, which players can use to cross the
> >oceans and seas and go to the other islands (whole world is just a bunch
> >of islands). So swimming is a mv hog and there is no way that you could
> >swim across the oceans and when I add random currents in the oceans, then
> >it will be practically impossible :)
personally, made fly a POS and made it cost more mv than anything else
(it'd be awful tiring flapping your arms about :)

> If magic is rare, and "expensive" to case, this ceases
> to be a problem.
> >
> >> * Make it non-cumulative in duration.
> >I don't have ANY spells accumulative :)
> Neither do I... how many people do use cumulative
> duration?  and cumulative effect, for that matter?
circlemud uses cumulative duration for a number of spells (sanctuary,
infravision, the detect spells, invisibilty, protection from evil,
poison, curse, just to name a few :)

> >
> >> * Have it require some obscure or hard to get material
> >> component (e.g., "breath of the west wind").
> >This might be a good idea :)
> I remember on one of the old Dungeons & Dragons cartoons
> where they had to find the foot of a yellow dragon to
> cure someone.  It ended up being a type of flower, but the
> characters didn't know that... };)
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